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Belarus announce 19-strong athletes for 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games

Belarus who will be named the 19 athletes for the five sports events which to be played in the Winter youth olympics games 2020 at Lausanne.

Belarus represented total of 12 boys and seven girls athletes for the winter youth games which to be led by the Vasily Yurchik.

On the team are speed skaters Barbara Bandarina, Andrey German, Maxim Fyodorov and Karina Shipulina, as well as cross-country skiers Daria Mayorova, Anna Machekhina, Mikhail Morozov and Gleb Shackel.

Biathletes Konstantin Baburov, Andrey Gavrosh, Daria Kabisheva, Julia Kovalevskaya, Artyom Krylenko and Victoria Shashkova, and Alpine skier Maxim Davydovsky while Daniil Karpovich, Ilya Korzun, Andrey Murashko and Yang Shostak are set to compete in 3×3 ice hockey in the Winter Youth olympic games 2020.

Lausanne youth games to be played from the 9-22 January 2020.

More than 1880 athletes to be participated from the 70 nations in the Third edition of the winter youth olympics 2020.

If we look at the history then Belarus sent 16 athletes in seven sports in previous edition of the tournament which to be held in Lillehammer in 2016, where they failed to win a single medal.

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